What Home Improvement Got Completely Wrong About Renovating Your House

Another key problem to be on the lookout for when taking inspiration from “Home Improvement” is the unsafe use of power tools. Power tools are an important addition to any homeowner’s shed or garage. An impact driver, drill, or circular saw can make quick work of common fastening or cutting tasks. However, whether using a router or saw, Tim Taylor often fails to secure the work surface and maintain control over the cutting tool in question. In the show, this leads to admittedly funny bouts of physical comedy, but in real life, this could spell disaster for your hands, fingers, or other body parts, or may damage your work materials.

Handymom notes many of the key features of a circular saw, including the proper way to fit a new blade, how to effectively use the guard, and how to hold your circular saw for efficient cutting and essential safety. Maintaining safe use of your power tools will ensure that you never cut through something that you want to stay attached (for instance, a piece of your workbench, or even a finger!).

This is something that often eludes Tim Allen’s character in the show, but taking great care to ensure that you aren’t cutting or drilling without caution and focus can help make your experience in home improvement far more rewarding while minimizing the potential for damage or injury.

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