We spent less than $200 at Home Depot to build our privacy fence – it’s 16 feet and took us under two hours

HOMEOWNERS have shared how they built their own privacy fence in just two hours for less than $200.

A privacy fence can be an affordable and fast way to transform a yard or patio.

These homeowners built their own privacy fence in less than two hours


These homeowners built their own privacy fence in less than two hoursCredit: TikTok/openhouseaustin
The fence is 16 feet long and the materials cost less than $200


The fence is 16 feet long and the materials cost less than $200Credit: TikTok/openhouseaustin

Along with the obvious benefit of more privacy, the fences can also offer shade and a place to hang lights or decorations.

Friends Steph and Kristina (@openhouseaustin) share home improvement and realty tips on their TikTok.

They recently posted a video building their privacy fence around their yard. It measured 16 feet and took under two hours to complete.

The first thing they did was decided where the posts would go and dig the holes.

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They only needed two posts, but they still said “Digging the holes was the worst part.”

Once it was dug to the proper depth, they used Quikrete, which is quick-setting concrete, to secure the posts in place.

Since it was only 16 feet long and is connected to the house, they used two four-by-fours as posts.

After that, they secured the cross-posts and began attaching the pickets using a drill.

They didn’t build a gate since the fence was only for privacy, but if one was included it wouldn’t driven up the cost and the time it took to build it.

The following materials were used and totaled less than $200:

  • Two treated 8-foot 4-by-4s
  • Four treated 8-foot 2-by-4s
  • One 6-foot treated 2-by-4
  • 35 treated fence pickets
  • Two 50 pound bags of Quikrete
  • One box of 3.5 inch screws
  • One box of 2 inch screws
  • Post hole digger
  • Long level
  • Buscket
  • Drill and star bit

In the comments, one user wrote that they had just been quoted $7,000 for a fence, while another said they built their own six years ago and were able to do three sections for just $100.


Privacy fences can be made to match any aesthetic on any budget.

Jeff, a home renovation expert from the YouTube channel Home RenVision DIY, shared how to build your privacy fence over a weekend.

Previously he was quoted $5,600 to have a privacy fence installed, so he took matters into his own hands.

“This is the easiest (and cheapest) fence I’ve ever built,” he wrote in the caption.

He bought aluminum fence posts from the brand Hoft Solutions at Lowe’s and then bought the wood pieces separately.

He spent $800 on the posts and $800 on the wood slabs.

First, he drilled two fence posts into the base of his deck.

Jeff cut the wood to size and sanded down the edges, then slid the planks into the groove of the two fence posts.

The fence posts came with spaces that Jeff used between each piece of wood.

As Jeff continued to assemble the fence, he said: “All of a sudden there are people out there all over the country watching this going, ‘I can’t believe how much I paid my carpenter to do that.”

“Sometimes, the best trick is to just buy a product that makes your life easy.”

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For an even simpler option, Walmart is selling a $17 privacy fence that can be installed in just minutes.

Plus, see the faux ivory fence that will transform any yard into an “oasis.”

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