Tips on Decorating Your House With Vintage Items

Vintage items are always in style. With perfectly small details embedded into them – they are evergreen. Not only are vintage items valuable, but they give a certain aesthetic to your house that makes the house look beautiful.

In interior design magazines, you would see pictures of antiques being used beautifully. This is because top-notch interior designers use vintage items to decorate houses. That is because they believe vintage items add a charm to the whole house.

Also, do not worry about having a too-large space or a too-small space because vintage items can fit perfectly anywhere. As people are so keen on using retro Möbel, let’s take a look at some tips that should be kept in mind while decorating your house with them.

Take a risk:

With vintage furniture, you cannot be afraid. You have to go beyond your thinking with it. Vintage items are unique – it is not something that you will come across at your local furniture shop.

Don’t be scared of mix-matching the colors. Try to do something different with your house – do something you would not normally do. As you think out of the box and put your thinking into action, you will be surprised!

Start with baby steps:

You mustn’t start making big changes to your house with these items. Always make sure that you start with small things.

First, go visit places from where you can buy vintage items. Go through all of them and get a thing or two (that you like). For instance, you go to the shop and like a vintage Kommoden, get it. Put it near your bed or somewhere in your bedroom. You can always get it polished or cleaned properly if you feel like making changes to it, to make it fit into your room perfectly.

This will give you an idea about what things to buy and how to use them with perfection.

Use them with neutral colors:

In our opinion, when neutral and Zen-based colors are used to combine with old and classic furniture; it’s the best combination. The foremost room is a great example of when this type of combination is used.

Though our expertise does not lie in this profession, we do believe that such color combinations make an excellent calming atmosphere. Bright colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, etc., have more power to enlighten the mood than colors such as slate and gray.

For myself at least, bright colors are our go-to colors for different color schemes as they fit perception better. For most of our journey, until lately, we were not introduced to such a combination, but when we were, it changed our perception of how important bright colors are for us and our atmosphere.

So now, we always prefer to combine different colors into new color combinations. Now it’s clear to us how neutral colors function and why they are so important.

Especially with classic furniture, they give an amazing and aesthetic feeling to you. In a minimalistic room, classic furniture will stand out and be more appealing

Make a call to your mom:

When was the last time you called your mom? Go call her or maybe your nana. First and foremost ask them about their wellbeing, and then proceed to ask her whether they have any antiquity loot lying around. By our guess, we’d say 60% of the vintage pieces people have in their houses came from their mother, grandma some other family member who was willing to just give away the vintage item. Those pieces make up for the best of the collection because they’d have a personal story to them as well aside from being vintage.

For example, there might be a glass jar that your mom gave you. You needed a container that could hold soap in it and while scouting for a perfectly good jar, you choose to call your mom and ask her whether she had something in store for you that could solve your jar situation and sure she would. And that’s how you will get this beauty. Your grandmother might have used it and then passed it on and now it’s serving a new purpose. It might be nostalgic to think it was used to store cookies, flour, and other similar goodies. A simple yet elegant utility this jar harbor.

Among your collection, you may have this wooden box that belonged to your grandfather who used it for decades on his family. Another treasure that you could “borrow” from your mom. And now it can be used as a centerpiece in your dining room. You should be grateful your mom appreciates and likes to collect vintage items herself just so you can “borrow” them from her. I bet if you called your mom or even your grandma you could get to choose from certain pieces that are probably sitting in the attic or basement just waiting to be brought out and be given a new purpose.

Think outside the box:

With vintage items, you must think out of the box. Now by thinking outside the box does not mean that you just use different colors or designs. This means that you use different items that you don’t normally use.

You can use things that you don’t normally use in your house. For instance, if you are at a shop and as a vintage gas cylinder – get it! Bring it home and use spray paint on it or just simply decorate it in any way you like. Put that on your center table or side table as a decoration piece. It can also be used as a vase!

Similarly, you can’t get different things using which you can decorate your house. Even the smallest things matter!

Difference between vintage and junk:

Now, at the very end, we would want you to know that there is a fine line between vintage and junk. Not every item that is rustic is not vintage. You should know this difference!

While it may be a personal decision, but bringing home a broken sofa or lamp does not mean you are bringing something vintage. Vintage items might be rustic, but they are good enough to be used. Also, vintage usually comes with a history. So always ensure that you keep this difference in your mind.

To conclude:

To wrap it up, vintage items play a vital role in the decoration of a house. They can be used in different ways and can bring out the charm of your house.

At the end of the day, you should know how to perfectly use these items in your house.

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