Tips for enhancing your garden.

MUNCIE, Ind. – Having a beautifully landscaped home is ideal for most people. It adds value to your property and neighborhood, brings you joy and beauty, allows you a brief escape from the world around you, gives you a way to express your creativity, and improves your health and wellness.

Tips for enhancing your garden.

I mean, with all that good why doesn’t everyone have flawless garden beds? Well, like most things, it is easier said than done. As you read, I hope to help guide you in your thought process for improving your gardens.

Gardening and landscaping are distinct concepts that can meld into a harmonious whole. It’s a partnership, not a rivalry. As a horticulturist, my viewpoint deviates slightly from the norm of a midwestern garden. While tomatoes ripening on vines and sweet corn ready to be harvested are emblematic of gardens, I propose a broader interpretation. Every inch of your property can be regarded as part of your garden.

As you read this article, welcome that idea and think about all the plant material you have at your home. Ultimately, you’re aiming to strike a balance between functionality, beauty, and your own personal aesthetic.

James Edwards is the horticulture manager at Minnetrista Museum & Gardens and an IAH-accredited horticulturalist.

Start by conducting an audit of your garden beds. What thrives and what struggles? Consider the plants that make you happy. Are there persistent pest or disease issues? On the other hand, are there some low-maintenance gems that are thriving? Have there been any changes in usage or significant tree or plant losses?

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