Tiny room, big impact: Decor hacks to make your living rooms appear larger

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make your living rooms appear larger

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In the pursuit of the ideal living space, we often find ourselves making trade-offs, such as going for a more compact living room in exchange for something like a more desirable kitchen space. Yet, it’s of utmost importance to remember that the living room serves as the very heart of our homes, where the majority of our daily lives unfold. It’s a sanctuary for relaxation, bonding, and unwinding.

The desire for a larger living room is a common dream, yet in urban homes, the reality often falls short. However, fear not, for there are a number of techniques at your disposal that can conjure an illusion of spaciousness within your living area, and in this guide, we promise to unlock those secrets!

The journey to make your living room appear more spacious begins with choosing a neutral light colour palette for your living room, a subtle manoeuvre that extends our visuals by harnessing the reflection of natural light, thus creating an illusion of spaciousness. While a traditional all-white aesthetic undoubtedly achieves this objective, it need not be the sole route to get it done. Light-toned hues, such as Sage Green or Light Beige, can equally produce this visual trick.

Nevertheless, consistency is key — ensure that your chosen colour envelopes not only the walls but also the ceiling throughout the entire living space.

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how to make a small living room look bigger

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The next step is liberating more space, a process that does not necessarily demand a strict adherence to minimalism. To keep things easy, make a short list of the activities you plan to do in your living room and keep the items that align with those activities and remove the rest.

However, acquiring the appropriate furniture and placing them strategically in your living room is the best way to make it appear larger. The trick lies in meticulously selecting furnishings that harmonise seamlessly with the dimensions of your living room area. Among these, the sofa plays a pivotal role, making the quest for an appropriately sized one of great importance.

Hence, take the time to browse through various stores, scouting for that perfect fit. You should also consider purchasing special designer furniture, known for their quality and often designed with compact urban living spaces in mind. Such pieces of furniture usually come with a steep price tag, but they should be considered as an investment for a better lifestyle.

So, instead of choosing inexpensive, mass-produced alternatives from flea markets, consider the option of premium furniture, even if it entails securing a modest loan – a viable solution, considering the availability of EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) plans offered by a number of banks.

Furthermore, a subtle yet remarkably effective trick is pulling your furniture away from the walls, even if it’s just by a few inches. This simple adjustment creates the illusion of improved air circulation, producing an immediate sense of spaciousness in your room. 

Finally, a timeless manoeuvre for increasing the perception of space in any room involves the strategic placement of mirrors. Consider the inclusion of a medium to large sized mirror within your living room, thoughtfully positioned to face a window, thereby harnessing the full potential of natural light to create a spacious and well-lit ambience.

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