The Coolest Home Releases of June 2021: Whiskey, Knives and More

It’s finally summer, and it actually feels pretty normal (at least, relative to last year). Brands released a bunch of gear to get people hyped for the warmer days ahead. Haus wants you to drink in the park with its new tote bag, which is designed to carry its low-ABV spirits, and Brightland released a kit for everything you need to grill (besides the actual grill).

Since June is Pride Month, a few brands released products to help support the LGBTQ+ community — and it wasn’t just performative action as profits went to LGBTQ+ causes. If this is what the summer holds in the product world, we can’t wait to see what July and August bring.

Here, then, are all the super-cool home releases we discovered this month.

Casamara Club Alta

casamara club alta

Casamara Club

Casamara Club is a brand of “leisure sodas” that are healthier than soda. The spritzes clock in at 15 calories and four grams of sugar, and they’re completely booze-free. Its popular Alta, which is its take on thee Negroni, gets the can treatment, and it’s not hard to see why the drink is so desirable. It’s citrusy and delicately sweet, and the addition of sea salt provides a bit of salinity that makes this a wonderful dinner pairing. Get this if you’re looking to make aperitivo time a time to remember.

Price: $36/12-pack


BKLYN CLAY Made Collection

bklyn clay made collection


BKYLN CLAY, a Brooklyn-based ceramics studio, just launched its first design collection, which includes the Saturn Dinnerware line. The stoneware plates and bowls are durable thanks to double-edged rims, which reduce the likelihood of chipping, and its white high-gloss glaze is resistant to silverware scratch marks. The plates also double as lids for the bowls, so dinnerware doubles as storage. Along with the Saturn line is the Crater Cup. The cups are prayed with contrasting colors, which create an illusion of lights and shadows, mimicking the craters of the moon.

Price: $40+


Corkcicle Flat Canteen

corkcicle flat canteen


Corkcicle’s latest release isn’t a koozie, but it’ll still keep your beverages cool … or hot. The compact Flat Canteen is a 17-ounce to-go container that easily fits into most tight spaces. It’s double-walled and helps to prevent condensation from forming on the exterior. Plus, the design has a very cool vintage look to it.

Price: $80


Momofuku Toasted Sesame Oil

momofuku toasted sesame oil


Last fall, David Chang’s food empire Momofuku launched its first pantry line, and since then, it’s only gotten bigger. The latest staple in the lineup is a toasted sesame oil, an essential in almost everything Momfuku creates. The cold-pressed sesame oil is miles better than what you may buy from the grocery store, providing a more complex flavor profile that goes beyond oily sesame seed flavoring. Up your cooking game with just a couple drops or a drizzle of this stuff, and feel like you’re a Momofuku chef.

Price: $25/2-pack


Tuft & Needle Nook Nightstand

tuft and needle nook nightstand

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle’s calling card may be mattresses and beds, but its latest release, a nightstand, really rounds out the rest of the bedroom. Nook’s winning characteristic is its simplicity. There isn’t much to it besides a roomy drawer to stow away your goods, and that’s all you really need when it comes to nightstands.

Price: $325


X by Glenmorangie

glenmorangie scotch whiskey


Single malt scotch whiskies are almost always served straight up — adding it to a cocktail feels a little bit like blasphemy. Glenmorangie wanted to make a scotch whisky just for mixing, so it went ahead and did it with X by Glenmorangie. The new mixing scotch is less stuffy than other scotches (which may elicit images of a robe-adorned man drinking beside a fireplace), and brings a lighter, more youthful touch to the whisky space. X by Glenmorangie is sweeter than conventional single malts, aged in bourbon casks, with some finished in new char oak casks. The bottle comes in under $40 at most retailers, and Glenormangie has a breadth of recipes to try using the new whisky.

Price: $39


Petee’s Pie Company Bake-at-Home Kits

petees pie company bake at home kits

Aliya Ikhumen

Petra Paredez, head baker and co-owner of Petee’s Pie Company, is making some of the best pies in New York. If you’re not lucky enough to live near one of her pie shops, she’s now selling her pies though Goldberry so you can get a taste of Petee’s wherever you live. The pies, available in six inches and nine inches, come unbaked and are ready to be tossed in the oven and brought to life without any of the rolling, proofing, or assembling associated with baking a pie from scratch. Flavors include Hudson Valley Apple, New York Sour Cherry, Wild Blueberry and Strawberry-Rhubarb varieties, all of which are made from organic flour from Champlain Valley Milling, grass-fed butter from Kriemhild Dairy and fresh fruit from small local farms. Want a pie all to yourself? Four-inch mini pies are also available, and they arrive fully baked in sets of four, eight and 12.

Price: $45+


Chubo Knives Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren Wa-Gyutou

chubo knives sakai takayuki homura guren wa gyutou


Specialty Japanese knife retailer Chubo Knives added a new blade to its lineup, and it’s one to drool over. Handmade by Master Blacksmith Itsuo Doi, the chef’s knife is made of crazy sharp blue steel #2. Doi crafts the knives by alternating between low-temperature forging, cold hammering and traditional water quenching. He then leaves the blade unfinished in what’s called the kurouchi finish, or blacksmith’s finish, which gives the knife its scaly texture, thereby reducing reactivity on carbon steel knives. The chef’s knife was released alongside the vegetable-specific wa-nakiri ($337) and multipurpose petty knife ($250).

Price: $397


Jono Pandolfi Pet Bowls

jono pandolfi pet bowls

Jono Pandolfi

Jono Pandolfi’s dinnerware has been served as some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world like Eleven Madison Park. Now your furry friends can eat in Michelin-approved bowls, and kibble has never felt more luxurious. Based on the design of the Square-Sided Bowl (for humans), the pet bowls have slightly higher walls and a weighty base so they don’t go slipping and sliding with your dog’s a little too eager to be digging in. Jono Pandolfi dinnerware has some of the most beautiful glazes, and it’s no different for the pet bowls, available in warm sky blue, yellow, and white.

Price: $80


Aurora Elixirs x Artet Mediterranean Citrus & Chamomile Aperitif

aurora elixirs x artet mediterranean citrus and chamomile aperitif


Aurora Elixirs, which makes botanical-infused non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, collaborated with Artet, which makes cannabis-infused beverages on a new sparkling hemp aperitif. The aperitif, called Mediterranean Citrus & Chamomile, is Artet’s first offering that doesn’t have THC, instead containing 25 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. Bittersweet grapefruit pairs wonderfully with mellow chamomile, making it a good drink to enjoy on its own or to be mixed in a booze-free cocktail. The aperitif also comes with two reusable straws and a bottle opener.

Price: $20/4-pack


High West Prairie Dash

high west prairie dash

High West Whiskey

High West made a video game. The whiskey brand released a mobile game called Prairie Dash in which players take control of a pronghorn, completing quick-action challenges to help North America’s fastest land animal reach its maximum speed. For every game played, High West will donate $1 to American Prairie, capping the donations at $50,000. American Prairie is a non-profit that’s been working to preserve America’s Great Plains. The organization has also been a longtime partner of High West, which named its flagship bourbon after American Prairie.


Spicewalla Love in Every Flavour Collection

spicewalla love in every flavour collection


In honor of Pride Month, spice brand Spicewalla is selling a 10-pack of spices called the Love in Every Flavour Collection, which features the what the brand calls its “most vibrant, flavourful, and uniquely fun blends.” The collection is part of Spicewalla’s larger Pride offerings, which includes items like a tote bag and a cookbook and spice pack combo. Any purchase from the Pride collection will benefit the Campaign for Southern Equality, which will receive 25 percent of sales.

Price: $55


Brightland The Summer Grilling Capsule

brightland the summer grilling capsule


Just in time for peak summer grilling, Brightland released its limited-edition Summer Grilling Capsule, which includes Brightland’s Lucid lemon olive oil with the brand’s The Spout for cleanly pouring olive oil, two cedar grilling planks from Wildwood Grilling, and sea salt from J.Q. Dickinson. Now go forth and get to grilling with everything you need. (Well, you’ll need a grill.)

Price: $65


Brooklinen x UrbanStems

brooklinen x urbanstems


Brooklinen, known for its limited-edition sheets, made its first floral colorway, and it did so in collaboration with Urban Stems, one of the best online flower delivery services. Dubbed the Wildflower colorway, the print was created by Hudson Valley-based artist Emily Isabella. The print is available for Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet set and Luxe Core Sheet set, and it was released in tandem with Urban Stem’s Wildflower bouquet ($65).

      Price: $149+

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      KonMari x Paravel Organization

      konmari x paravel organization


      You need to buy more stuff to stay organized — just ask Marie Kondo. The Queen of Clean’s online retailer, KonMari, is packed with stuff to get you organized, and it just tapped luggage brand Paravel for a collection of organizing tools. The collection includes Paravel’s popular Cube Quad sets — available in small, medium and large — decked out in a limited-edition colorway. The Storage Cube is a completely new product that’s designed to fit perfectly inside Paravel’s Aviator Grand luggage, or it can be used to store off-season clothes under your bed. All of the storage solutions are water-resistant and made of Negative Nylon, which is fashioned from post-consumer plastic water bottles.

      Price: $65

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      Tilit Summer Club Collection

      tilit summer club collection

      Heidi Geldhauser

      You may be forgiven to think Tilit is just an apron brand. It is, after all, the preferred apron brand of Ghetto Gastro’s chef Lester Walker. Tilit also happens to be an all-around workwear brand that’s favored by those in the hospitality industry, and its collection for summer 2021 is meant to transition from the kitchen to the streets. Comprising pieces like utility pants and tees to jumpsuits and work shirts (and, of course, aprons), the Summer Club collection is full of summer-ready gear in classic and vibrant colors. While the brand has offered clothing here and there before, this is the first time it’s offered a cohesive collection, and we hope it won’t be the last.

      Price: $36+

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      Quintal Coffee Subscription

      quintal coffee subscription


      Eduardo Umaña and former World Barista Champion Raul Rodas source and roast rare Latin American coffee — at origin — every month and send it to your door. It’s only just begun, but the first round of coffee was exceptional, and $20 a month for 10 ounces of some of the best coffee in the world isn’t a bad deal at all.

      Price: $20

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      Goldune Biodegradable Biker Bottle

      goldune biodegradable biker bottle


      Goldune is the go-to online market place for sustainable goods, and it’s been slowly making more in-house products. Its latest release is a water bottle (specifically one that you’d use while cycling or using a Peloton) that’s dishwasher-safe, compostable and all-around great. While the market is oversaturated with reusable water bottles, Goldune’s might very well be the best of the best. Inspired by her love of cycling, founder Azora Zoe Paknad helped to create the bottle based on one used by Team Astana, which used a polyethylene-derived version of the iconic cyclist’s bottle that was biodegradable. Goldune tracked down the manufacturers of the Tour de France cyclist-approved bottles and made one to suit Goldune’s design and aesthetic. The end result is a bottle that you’ll probably never throw away — though you shouldn’t have to worry about its impact on the planet if you do.

      Price: $23

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      Lady M x Iwai Tradition Whisky Dark Chocolate Cake

      cake and whisky


      Confectionary Lady M put whisky in its newest cake. And it’s not just any whisky, but Mars Iwai Tradition Whisky, a lighter version of our pick for the best Japanese whisky, Iwai Mars 45. The cake combines dark and milk chocolate whisky mousses with whisky jelly and chocolate sponge cake into a very satisfying nine-inch cake. The bottom of the cake has a layer of feuilletine, which is like a crispy thick crepe, and flavors of chocolate, whisky and orange play off each other like a boozy Chocolate Orange. And if you’re wondering just how much whisky Lady M really could’ve used, just know that you have to be 21 years of age or up to buy.

      Price: $125

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      Kettl Chef’s Series Tea #1Sushi Noz

      kettl chef's series tea


      Kettl is a New York City-based tea retailer that specializes in all things Japanese tea from the actual leaves to the brewing equipment. Its new Chefs Series has Kettl partnering with the chefs at some of the world’s best restaurants, who hand pick tea to serve at their restaurants and sell at Kettl. For the inaugural tea from the series, Kettl worked with the Michelin-starred chef of Sushi Noz, Nozomu Abe, who went for a type of green tea called Tamaryokucha. Its tasting notes, as described by Kettl, are hops and toasted sesame, with a “lingering sweetness.” Like the other teas Kettl says, it offers the ideal way to brew to achieve the perfect cup of tea.

      Price: $22

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      Floyd The Rug

      floyd the rug


      If the Dude from The Big Lebowski knows anything at all, it’s that a rug can really tie a room together. Floyd just released a new rug collection, and they all pretty much go with everything. The rugs are crafted of high-quality fibers whether it’s wool from New Zealand or cotton from India. The rugs are timeless and simple, and they’ll handle however much foot traffic that comes their way. Get them in five colorways, each available in five sizes. The Dude would approve.

      Price: $195+

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      Blk & Bold The Warm Up Coffee

      blk and bold the warm up coffee

      Blk & Bold

      Blk & Bold, an Iowa-based coffee roasting company, partnered with the NBA on a medium roast coffee called The Warm Up blend, which combines Ethiopian and Central American beans to make a nutty, fruit coffee. The blend is a available in two packages: one that pays homage to the blue motif of the NBA’s Eastern Conference, while the other carries the red color of the Western Conference. The NBA will match Blk and Bold’s five-percent commitment to the non-profit For Our Youth, which assists with youth development, for each purchase of The Warm Up.

      Price: $14

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      Vans x Hedley & Bennett Collection

      vans x hedley and bennett sneakers

      Hedley & Bennett

      Much-adored apron brand Hedley & Bennett did another shoe collaboration with Vans, releasing two versions of Vans’ Sk8-Hi Tops and its Slip-Ons. The sneakers have slip-resistant outsoles and rainbow soles, and the uppers are treated with Vansguard, which repels liquid and dirt. While the shoes are extra grippy (great for working in slippery kitchens), they’re not deemed “slip-proof” by the ASTM or CSA, two standards organization, so Hedley & Bennett recommends getting manager approval for wearing them in professional kitchens.

      Price: $80+

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      Pineapple Collaborative x Exau The Olive Oil

      pineapple collaborative x exau the olive oil

      Pineapple Collaborative

      EXAU is a 100-year-old Italian olive oil brand, the first to be run by a Black woman, Skyler Mapes. The brand partnered with the female-founded food collective Pineapple Collaborative, which itself produces an olive oil, on a collaborative extra-virgin olive oil that, as the brands proclaim, “boost one another’s craft.” The olive oil is a mix of Coratina. Leccino and Carolea varietals, which were harvested in October 2020. Use this for practically anything that’ll allow the flavor of the olive oil to shine through like as a grilling oil, roasting oil or finisher.

      Price: $34

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      Vessel Eclipse Kit

      vessel eclipse kit


      Spark up your favorite dry herbs with Vessel’s Eclipse Kit, which the brand claims is “tailormade for the dry herb purist.” The kit includes Vessel’s Air, a minimalist chillum that resembles a pre-roll, handcrafted with a sandblasted, smoked glass finish; the Basin, an aluminum waterproof stash jar; Carbon, a very discreet butane lighter; and Drift, a travel pack to keep all your gear together.

      Price: $99

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      Tuft & Paw Haven Litter Box

      tuft and needle haven litter box

      Tuft & Needle

      You must really love your cat to get them a $700 toilet. This plywood box hides away your cat’s litter box so they can go in peace (and you don’t need to see them do their business). The Haven can fit a standard-sized litter box, which isn’t included, as well as a scoop and brush. The front panel drops down so you can easily clean the litter box, and the vented screen window allows for airflow.

      Price: $699

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      Purple TwinCloud Pillow

      purple twincloud pillow


      The adjustable pillow market just got a new type of pillow, and it’s from one of the leading mattress brands, Purple. While adjustable pillows either fall into two categories — loose fill or swappable inserts — Purple’s new TwinCloud pillow is a little more interesting. The down-alternative pillow is basically an extra-long pillow that folds in half and zips together to create a standard-sized pillow. One side is soft, the other firm, and you get to choose which is more to you liking. The fully washable pillow can be zipped with others to create multiple configurations like a body pillow or even a mattress topper.

      Price: $89

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      Minna Tablecloths

      minna tablecloth


      Based out of Hudson, New York, Minna is an ethically made homewares brand that works with artisans from around the world. Its latest release is a line of tablecloths, handwoven by a family-run workshop of flying shuttle loom weavers in Mexico. The neutral tablecloths are “inspired by the play between shadow and light,” as the product description explains. Complementing the tablecloths are reusable cloth napkins, which retail for $20 each.

      Price: $145

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      Haus The Picnic Set

      haus the picnic set tote and alcohol


      One of our favorite low-ABV booze brands, Haus, made a picnic set that’s ready to go for all your, well, picnics and outdoor gatherings. Score a bottle of your favorite Haus aperitif and a fresh heavy-duty Haus tote bag, designed to house two upright bottles. Let people know that you take your low-ABV spirits seriously.

      Price: $60

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      Xiao Chi Jie Soup Dumplings

      xiao chi jie soup dumplings


      Seattle-based restaurant Xiao Chi Jie is known for its soup dumplings, and because of the pandemic, it started selling its frozen soup dumplings nationwide, as well as sauces and bamboo steamers. Available in packs of 50 and available in pork, shrimp and pork and chicken, the soup dumplings are ready to eat in 10 minutes and come with steamer liners so they don’t stick to the tray. Get them while they’re hot, er, frozen, because soup dumplings are notoriously hard to make without lots of experience.

      Price: $40+

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      Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji

      airbnb host essentials by muji


      People are getting ready to travel again, and Airbnb hosts better be prepared for the influx of travelers. At least Muji has those hosts covered. With the new Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji, Airbnb hosts (or those just looking to stock up on home essentials) can get 23 Muji products guaranteed (not really) to get them five stars. The $400 set includes the essentials to accommodate two guests, with items ranging from bathroom necessities to kitchen and dining goods. We can’t guarantee your Airbnb will look as good as a Muji hotel, but it’ll be damn close with Muji stuff.

      Price: $400

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      Momofuku x East Fork

      momofuku x east fork

      East Fork

      The latest collection between Momofuku and East Fork brings two new glazes — orchard and peachy keen — to the latter’s enviable hand-thrown pottery. Surprisingly, the plates, cups and dishes are still in stock, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be for long.

      Price: $12

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      Dad Grass July 4th Collection

      dad grass july 4th collection smoke pack and shirt

      Dad Grass

      When you light up on July 4th, do so to more than just fireworks. CBD joint brand Dad Grass dropped a July 4th-inspired collection, which includes a t-shirt, as well as a new stash box to hide your stash. No, those aren’t actually M-80s in there, just some good times rolled up into a joint.

      Price: $37

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