The Average Size Of a Master Bedroom

When you think of your ideal bedroom, chances are that the first thought you think of is a beautiful, spacious living space where you rest after a long day at work or at home. Regardless of whether it is a master bedroom or a children’s bedroom. or guest’s room, or small bedrooms, the space must be one that offers convenience for a bed and a section assigned for storage.

The majority of homeowners usually envision a larger bedroom or an average master bedroom size where they can fit a king-sized bed or queen-sized one with a closet attached to it, preferably the walk-in kind. However, this may not be possible in smaller bedrooms, especially in smaller homes. It does not necessarily mean that you cannot have the beautiful, spacious bedroom you covet. It only means that you need a little planning based on the available square feet in your room.

A big factor to consider is the types of bedrooms you have built in your home. This means that you need to consider the furniture and interior decoration, as well as the fixtures used to install. Most homes usually have assigned spaces set aside for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

If your some has a big floor space then that means you can expect to have rooms with big floor areas too. The same cannot be said if you have a studio apartment or a small home. You will need to get creative if that is the case. One advantage you might enjoy if you have a small floor space is that they usually have a high ceiling and you can therefore redesign your home using the verticle space.

You can also consider creating an illusion of a big floor plan if you do not have a large floor space by focusing on your interior decor. You should always measure the floor space available and use it to its capability. You can also refer to articles on how to design small houses for some creative ideas on how to design your home.

 The type of furniture you choose is also important. You could go for built-in cabinets or walk-in closets if you have large floor space. If you have a smaller bedroom, you should consider furniture pieces that offer conveniences like double-duty furniture or those that can be mounted on the wall. You can also add long curtains or canopies to separate important areas and fully encapsulate the floor space of your bedroom. A children’s bedroom does not usually call for having a bathroom so therefore, you can have more space in the smaller rooms and use it to build studies or offices or a creative corner, etc.

If the children’s room is smaller, you might want to consider adding bunk beds so as to use the vertical space above. You can take your child’s or children’s considerations as some may want bunk beds even if there is enough space for separate beds while some might prefer to have the room all to themselves if they are the only child.

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