As our gardens emerge from their winter slumber, we unearth the top trends sweeping the horticultural world this spring. Given the extreme weather we witnessed last year, resilience in the face of our changing climate is a common theme. But there’s also a renewed focus on the mood-boosting powers of […]

Longwood Gardens (JOSE GERMAN-GOMEZ) DIY gardening and home renovation TV shows have convinced many people they can create a garden in an hour or two. These shows are essentially well-orchestrated informational ads that overlook necessary details about home gardening projects or even the basic elements of landscaping and garden design. […]

When my boyfriend cooks, he is meticulous. Planning, measuring, washing up. I’m more gung ho, vaguely following instructions and hoping for the best. My approach to gardening is much the same: I like to learn by doing, on the job.  I now work as a garden designer, but I was lucky: […]

During the winter, your garden and yard may be out of sight, either dead or covered in snow, but spring will eventually arrive and everything will be in bloom again. Though you’ve probably assumed you’ll be doing the same thing with your outdoor green space next year, look to experts’ […]

Garden design trends come and go, but when it comes to growing, it feels like more of us than ever before are looking to make sustainable choices that benefit our backyards as well as local ecosystems and the environment. As the effects of climate change and extreme weather conditions become […]

Mari Lane Gewecke COURTESY PHOTO BY NIKKI MOORE While winter weather may put outdoor gardening activities on hold, we can use the time to plan for next season, peruse garden catalogs and magazines, and ponder the joys of gardening. I enjoy reading about gardens and gardeners. Sometimes a little inspiration […]

Home gardening webinar series seeks to inspire and educate By Erin Rydgren | on December 20, 2023 AMES, Iowa – The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Master Gardener program will again host the Home Gardening Webinar Series, beginning in January and ending in […]