When it comes to home renovation and redecorating, public-facing areas like living rooms and kitchens tend to be top of mind. The bedroom, meanwhile, often falls to the wayside. And while we certainly advocate for freshly painted kitchen cabinets and extra garlands for the mantel, it’s good to keep the […]

Over the past few years, the way we use our homes—including our bedrooms—has changed drastically. But what about how we decorate—have our tastes for bedroom decor trends shifted too? The pandemic-fueled fervor to adapt these (and countless other) spaces to new ways of living led to an explosion of both […]

Kim Kardashian faces praise and backlash after sharing a video showcasing her daughter North West’s luxuriously decorated Christmas bedroom on Instagram. The footage reveals a festive spectacle with multiple Christmas trees, snowy landscapes, and a plethora of beautifully wrapped gifts. Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West(Instagram) While some viewers […]

Bedrooms are no longer just a place to sleep, they have become a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. With the fast-paced life that we lead, the bedroom is the only place where we can unwind and de-stress. As we head towards 2023, the focus on wellness and self-care is only […]