Should you choose curtains if you want a more minimalist room? We ask the experts

Curtains are pretty much a given when designing the home. Giving you full control of the light that floods the space, adding privacy, and working as a decorative detail, the perfect drapery can elevate your space and create an ethereal mood.

But if you are looking to create a more minimalist setting, is all that fussy fabric detracting from the aesthetic? And are curtains the best drapery solution for your minimalist home, or are there other options out there that bring a more simplistic, minimalist look? We speak to minimalist designers to find out when curtains are perfect for your minimalist interior design.

1. Using curtains to bring subtle minimalist texture

A minimalist room with sheer curtains

(Image credit: Erik Frisk. Design: Pella Hebedy)

A core pillar of minimalism is a subtle mix of natural textures. In this sense, if you select the perfect natural-feeling fabrics for your curtains, you can get the minimalist look spot on. 

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