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In the heart of the bustling city of Las Vegas, the PSP Deck Expo is set to host an exciting and innovative event this fall – the 4th Annual Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge. Renowned figures in the pool design industry, Reid Schindler and Mike Farley, are teaming up to push the boundaries of creativity and expertise, inviting participants from across the spectrum of design to compete for the coveted title. The event promises a fascinating clash of design philosophies as new technology-driven approaches vie against the tried-and-true methods that have defined generations of pool design.

The Million Dollar Pool Challenge Unveiled

At the center of this exhilarating challenge is the question of whether the contemporary technological wave led by millennials can surpass the established and proven techniques championed by baby boomers. The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge sets the stage for this competition, calling upon individuals, students, teams, and companies to submit their visionary pool designs for evaluation by a panel of industry experts.

Million Dollar Pool Challenge: Backstory and Inspiration

The challenge’s scenario revolves around a couple building their forever home on the picturesque intracoastal waterways of Miami Beach. As recent empty nesters, they envision a space that seamlessly caters to grand gatherings while retaining an intimate ambiance for family moments. The design must reflect their affinity for Latin-inspired art and decor, evoke warmth, and offer a nod to modern aesthetics. Their cherished pastimes, including visits to the local country club and leisurely boat rides to favored dining and shopping spots, serve as inspiration for the competing designers.

Submission Guidelines

The competition welcomes a broad range of participants, including individuals, students, teams, and companies, inviting them to submit their interpretations of a dream pool design.

To participate, submit a meticulously crafted scaled 2D plan. The heart of this challenge lies in the presentation and intricate detailing of the 2D plan, demanding your utmost creativity.

Supporting your plan are a maximum of eight supplementary graphics, all rendered using your chosen media. These graphics play a pivotal role in enhancing your presentation and providing additional insights into your vision.

Accompanying your design, provide a comprehensive paragraph that illuminates your design process or offers insightful explanations of the solution details you’ve woven into your creation.

Judging Criteria

The competition’s judging panel, comprised of six to eight industry experts, uses a point-based system to assess entries across four key criteria.

1. Aesthetic Quality

  • Evaluate the comprehensive visual appeal and execution technique of the 2D plan. Does it effectively and vividly present all components in a clear manner while maintaining the standards anticipated by a high-end clientele?
  • Appraise the supplementary components, including the 8 supporting graphics, videos, and presentation materials. Do these materials resonate with the expectations of a discerning high-end client? Do they successfully convey intricate details that transcend the scope of the 2D drawing?

2. Differentiation

  • Consider the designer’s adept utilization of materials. Do they harmonize seamlessly with the home’s essence and align with the desires and needs of the homeowners?
  • Assess the integration of modern design elements intertwined with Latin flair. Do these elements emanate a sense of novelty and vitality?
  • Examine the uniqueness of project areas, encompassing the Front Entry, Back Yard, Side Yard, and the transition to the Boat Dock.
  • Gauge the designer’s vision in utilizing the Riverflow Current System and Lazy River, pinpointing the synergy between concept and execution.
  • Critique the incorporation of the following features by the designer:
    • Art Displays
    • Sunken Firepit
    • Acrylic Glass
    • Splash Pad
    • Fire & Water
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Putting Green
    • Glass Tile Mural
    • Front Drive with Fountain

3. Functionality

  • Scrutinize the seamless interplay between the pool and home architecture. Does the design facilitate a harmonious integration of these elements?
  • Assess the fluidity between outdoor spaces, emphasizing their scalability and cohesiveness.
  • Reflect on the design’s accommodation of the client’s intent to host gatherings of 25-30 guests. Does the project successfully cater to this requirement?
  • Examine the project’s adept incorporation of the customer’s primary desires and needs, executed in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Evaluate the project’s success in preserving captivating vistas from within the home.

4. Practical Feasibility

  • Contemplate the design’s adherence to national and local safety and construction codes, to the extent of your knowledge.
  • Reflect on whether the design would garner the endorsement of an engineer, given its structural and executional integrity.
  • Gauge the overall potential of the presentation to captivate a clientele investing substantially in a backyard, exceeding $1 million.

Considerations for Enhancement

For those aiming to elevate their submissions, optional elements can be included:

  • A captivating two-minute video flythrough, available in either .mp4 or .mov format, offers a dynamic visual journey through your design.
  • A 3D physical model or any distinctive presentation support that amplifies the impact of your concept.

Important Notes About The Million Dollar Pool Challenge

  • The deadline for entries is September 21, 2023.
  • Entries are limited to a maximum of four individuals or teammates. However, only one representative from the group will receive airfare, accommodation, and per diem during the competition.
  • The evaluation process transcends the quantity of renderings, instead focusing intently on the quality of craftsmanship and the ingenious utilization of design to cater to the client’s aspirations.
  • To maintain an impartial judging process, the identity of the designer and their associated company remains confidential until the initial judging phase concludes. To facilitate this, kindly refrain from naming your plans or perspective renderings.
  • All design entries and accompanying videos become co-property of “The Million Dollar Pool Challenge,” allowing them to be disseminated across electronic and print platforms. Additionally, the design’s owner retains the right to distribute their design materials.

As each entrant’s creation journeys through these discerning categories, the judges wield their expertise to select the designs that exemplify unparalleled excellence, innovation, and potential. The criteria encompass a comprehensive spectrum, illuminating the many facets of design brilliance within the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge.

Winners / Finalists

The top 5 finalists will receive a cash prize. The winner of the competition will receive a customized 1st place trophy.

$10,000.00 – 1st place (Sponsored by Riverflow Current Systems)
$3,000.00 – 2nd place
$1,250.00 – 3rd place
$750.00 – 4th place
$500.00 – 5th place

On Top of Prize Money, 5 Finalists will receive:

  • Up to $350 credit for airfare.
  • Up to $150 reimbursement for travel incidentals & meals.
  • Free Conference Super Pass for the 2023 PSP Deck Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Two-night hotel stay (November 13 – November 15)
  • Design presented in “The Million Dollar Pool Challenge” Conference Program Session
  • Exposure in leading industry print & digital publications. Finalists will appear in a future issue of Pool Magazine with the winning entry and project highlighted.
  • Link to company and design featured on www.themilliondollarpoolchallenge.com and www.poolmagazine.com


This year’s Million Dollar Pool Challenge is proudly sponsored by Riverflow by Current Systems, Inc., Ledge Lounger, PHTA Wave Network Young Professionals, and Pool Magazine.

Why Enter The Million Dollar Pool Challenge?

Participating in the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge offers design enthusiasts an unrivaled opportunity to showcase their innovative prowess, gain industry-wide recognition, and elevate their professional credibility. By competing among the finest minds in the field, entrants not only have the chance to have their designs evaluated by industry experts but also to establish themselves as trailblazers in the world of pool design. With the potential to have their winning creations featured in esteemed publications and a global platform, this challenge is a gateway to unveiling fresh perspectives, forging meaningful connections, and leaving an indelible mark on the future of design.

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