Kitchen & Bathroom Trends For 2022 With Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Interior designer Allison Jaffe joined Studio 512 to talk about what’s hot for 2022 in the world of kitchen and bathroom design. Allison’s firm has been in business for 12 years, and it offers full-service design and development of remodeling, new construction and furnishing homes. Allison believes in cohesive design and the connection of rooms to each other, whether the style be contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between.


“White kitchens are timeless! I worked on recently was an all-white kitchen, except we put the pop of color in these beautiful rose colored chairs at the seating area and in the rug. It gives a really serene feeling and if the clients tire of the color rose, it’s easy to just pop in different colored chairs and get a whole new palette. That way, you’re not committed to a permanent feature of the kitchen.

“I’m also seeing both pops of color or all-color painted cabinets in shades of black, blue and green. I worked on a beautiful kitchen where we left the top cabinets white but did the bottom cabinets in a beautiful shade of blue…the client loves blue! This is a great way to use color without overwhelming a space.

“Something popular we’re seeing right now is painting or staining just the kitchen island and or doing a different counter top to create contrast. Speaking of countertops, quartz is still trending and we’re seeing so many more patterns to replicate natural stone with the benefit of its durability. Quartzite is a natural material with a more subtle look than marble or granite, and it’s rising in popularity, too. Because its so classic, people are still using marble, but I would make sure you understand its specific delicate properties before installing it in a kitchen, like staining and etching.

“If you’re looking to update your backsplash, you can have so much fun with tiles these days. There are so many shapes, patterns, colors. I’m sure the manufacturers are having a field days with all the fun design they get to produce! I will say that a number my clients are opting to forgo tile and continue the counter top on to the wall for a clean and cohesive look. Its really for those who want to keep it simple.”


“Bathrooms are a great place to inject some personality, if you feel shy about being bold in your kitchen. They’re smaller and are a defined space with a door. The powder bath is where I encourage my clients to take the most bold design choices, using wallpaper, painted painted cabinets or really fun and unique tile. You can change the countertop in the bathroom to something completely different than the kitchen or use the same to create a cohesive look.

“Bathrooms are a great space to use saturated color or a really fun and unique wallpaper! It’s more cost effective, too, while making a big visual impact. Tile is also big in the bathroom, and it has come a long way. Just the other day, I saw a porcelain with a tweed pattern. I currently finishing up another bathroom where we are using mirrored tile on the walls. For clients who dream of an all-white marble bathroom and are more price conscientious, a porcelain that has a marble pattern is a great substitute and you get the same benefits.”

If you’re looking for a home refresh:

“When it comes to material selections, have fun! Put together idea books, which will help you start to notice your style.

“There are so many styles of kitchens out there, but a big tip is to take your time when it comes to space planning, as the kitchen is the most utilitarian space in the home.

“Hire a designer, architect, or certified kitchen designer to help you maximize or transform a kitchen that’s not working as well as you would like it to. You won’t regret investing functional design!”

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