Inside the Grown-Up Homes of 6 Disney Channel Alums

If you grew up the early aughts—or had children who did—chances are you’re familiar with the faces of the Disney Channel alums who defined young adult television of the era: people like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Vanessa Hudgens, just to name a few. Throughout the first decade of the century, many of these notable actors starred in iconic roles, bringing to life characters such as Hannah Montana. As they grew up, the young actors went on to notably successful careers, recording chart-topping albums, starring in blockbuster movies, and spearheading esteemed brands and product lines. Unsurprisingly, the creatives also developed an eye for design and a penchant for stellar real estate. Below, AD revisits the home of six Disney Channel stars. 

Demi Lovato may be as famous as they come, but stars, they say, are just like us. After spending one too many months cooped up during the early days of quarantine, the award-winning singer-songwriter and actor felt ready for a new home in Los Angeles that checked all the boxes. So, as a real estate frenzy was taking over the country, Lovato was also in the midst of a pandemic house hunt.

With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across 8,500 square feet, this Studio City modern farmhouse provided the blank canvas that Lovato had always dreamed about. Another bonus was the theater and, of course, the backyard swimming pool. “I love the outdoor space,” she explains over Zoom. “I also loved that it had everything that I needed—there were a lot of houses that were beautiful, but there wasn’t [another] house that could have a room for glam, a room for my fittings, a room for my studio… Also, the vibe was really beautiful, and I just fell in love with it when I saw it.” Lovato’s head of security connected her with Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew. As soon as the trio met, it felt like a perfect fit.—Sydney Gore

Columbus, Ohio, is perhaps not where one might expect to find a sparkling young actor and her rocker husband setting up their first house. But Debby Ryan and Josh Dun relish an impulsive departure from the script. Fans will recall the couple’s surprise New Year’s Eve wedding in 2019, planned in just 28 days.

Dun grew up in the Arch City. But when the screen star (known for Netflix series Insatiable and Disney hits like Jessie) and Twenty One Pilots drummer were in town celebrating the holidays with Dun’s family a couple years ago, it was Ryan who floated the idea: “Let’s move to Columbus.” They had been looking for a house where they could set down roots and nothing they’d seen felt quite right. Serendipitously, a brand-new listing had just popped up on Dun’s real estate apps, so they postponed their flights out and went to have a look.

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