I Used Viral RoomGPT AI to Redesign My Living Room

  • I used RoomGPT to help redesign my living room, but I’m not sure how much I can rely on the tool.
  • The AI program has gone viral on TikTok after a creator used the site to design her patio.
  • RoomGPT’s developer assures that interior designers should see the program as a tool rather than a replacement.

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into almost every industry, and it’s gaining more popularity in the process as people find new ways to use AI programs.

The AI program RoomGPT is going viral on TikTok after a user posted how the interior decorating site helped digitally style her patio. The video of the creator’s bare courtyard being transformed by AI has received over 2.5 million views since it was first uploaded Monday.

“DIY home makeovers are about to get a lot easier,” the caption read.

While most commenters were shocked and excited about the tasteful design RoomGPT was able to come up with, others were concerned about what the tool would mean for interior designers. The program allows three free AI renderings of a room in your choice of seven design styles.

The developer of RoomGPT, Hassan El Mghari, told Insider that interior designers need not worry about AI taking their jobs. He assures it’s proven useful for designers working to create mock-ups for clients.

“Interior designers will get a lot of inbound interest and need to strategically choose clients since mockups take a long time,” El Mghari told Insider. “With RoomGPT, they can accept a larger amount of clients by using the tool to quickly generate initial mockups for clients.”

I decided to put the site to the test using my sparsely decorated living room as I prepare to take on redesigning my whole apartment as a summer project.

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