How To Remove Daffodils If They’re Taking Over Your Garden

If you’re in no hurry to get rid of the daffodils in your garden and prefer a less labor-intensive approach, you can let the flowers wither naturally before removing the bulbs. After the daffodils have finished flowering, resist the urge to cut back or braid the foliage. Allow it to wither and turn yellow. This usually takes about six to eight weeks. Once the foliage has withered and turned yellow completely, you can gently uproot the bulbs using your hands or a small hand trowel. You can also kill daffodils outright by withholding water and sunlight. Simply cover them with a black plastic sheet and wait until they wither and die before removing the bulbs.

If your daffodils have become overcrowded and you’d like to just thin them out while expanding their presence in other areas of your garden, consider the division method. Make sure you do this when the foliage is totally yellow. Select healthy daffodil clumps that have been growing for several years and carefully dig them up to ensure the bulbs are intact. Gently separate the bulbs from each other and shake off the soil. You can then replant some of the daffodil bulbs in a new location, ensuring proper spacing, and store the rest for later planting or sharing with fellow gardeners.

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