Diwali 2021 Decoration Tips: Easy Ways to Make You Home Look Bright, And Happy

Diwali decor tips: Diwali is the time of the year when we indulge ourselves in enjoying various types of delicacies from sweet to savoury! We all know what snacks and sweets are specially made for the festival of Diwali, but a decorative dining table can undoubtedly make your feast more memorable. One can opt for statement-making tables, a minimalist table to anchor the room, a timeless design for card parties, glam parties and everything in-between.Also Read – Fabindia Removes Viral Tweet Promoting Diwali Collection Called Jashn-e-Riwaaz After #BoycottFabindia Trends Online

A bright home is a happy home. When you can attain the right balance of brightness in your living spaces, your home is sure to feel massive, warm, and embracing. Sometimes, making rooms feel large and bright can be a hurdle. When it comes to maximizing the brightness of your dining room, interior designer Abhipriya S Ganguly is here to help. Look at these five design ideas to make your dining room brighter and more welcoming than before this Diwali! Also Read – As Diwali Nears, Flight Charges Turn Costly From Chennai | Read What Travel Agents Say

Diwali 2021 decor ideas: Using bright colours

The best dining rooms are those that feel open and inviting. Whether the room you are designing is spacious or tiny, choosing the right colour can make the difference in helping it feel cheerful and contemporary. Selecting a colour that is bright but not overpowering is essential. Whether designing a small dining room, consider using white walls to make the space fuller, then add a touch with wood dining accessories, colourful upholstery chairs to make the place more alive. Install wall art, an area rug, a colourful closet, and other decorative elements in large banquette rooms. Make sure to maintain a theme. Also Read – Ban on Sale, Use of Firecrackers: How These States Take Strict Measures to Bring Air Pollution Under Control

Diwali 2021 decor ideas: Using plants in the dining area

When it’s time to design your dining room, you may want to redesign every feature to attain a fresh, modern look. Sometimes, doing a few manageable changes is all it takes to design a space that you’re pleased to call yours. Plants and flowers can make a house feel like a home. Rooms without junk look better. To make the most of your dining area, get rid of any item that isn’t useful, necessary, or that you love. Be sure to keep the pieces well organized to ensure the space is as functional as beautiful.

Diwali 2021 easy decor tips: Accessorise your dining area

Ultimately, the furniture you choose to incorporate into your dining room will make it or break its entire look. When it comes to designing an area that feels modern and bright, less is more. Arrange artwork and portraits in gold frames for a sophisticated touch. To add an unexpected and elegant feel to the room, use unusual pieces as decoration, such as antique plates, baskets, or books.

In-budget decor tips for Diwali 2021: Keep it lighter

The light fittings you choose to include in your living spaces can have a tremendous influence on the overall style and purpose of the area. Along with being stylish and modern, lighting options must also satisfy the room specific requirements. For instance, lamps, chandeliers,

and accent lighting in your dining room should be customizable to suit your mood. Adequate overhead lighting may be perfect for brunch, while soft lighting would be more suitable for a romantic dinner. Including the right light fixtures can make your dining room outstanding.

Best decor tips for Diwali 2021: Use at least one luxurious element

Regardless of what your home style may be, there’s always room for luxurious elements in your dining room. To make your dining room appear as spacious and high-end as possible, be sure to bring in modern pieces. Rugs are a fabulous way to add texture, pattern, and colour to a space. Be sure to pick window treatments that prioritize light and complement the existing decor. When your dining room scents as good as it looks, it instantly appealing. To make the space smell glorious, consider adding scented candles or houseplants, such as lavender, jasmine to add more soothing and relaxing scents to your home.

If your dining room feels dark, dated, or closed in, it’s time for an upgrade. We have everything you need to make your kitchen, dining room, and every other room in your house feel fresh and inviting. Stop by to revamp your home quickly and easily today!

— Inputs by Abhipriya Singh, Co-Founder, Spara Build-tech Designs

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