9 Best Color for Kitchen

kitchen in a modern style with a light tabletop with sink, cooker, oven, kitchen accessories under tabletop there are green drawers over tabletop there is kitchen hood, cupboard and glowing lamps

Modern style kitchen By Andriy Bezuglov/Adobe Stock

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, as they say! Even if you’re not much of a chef (hi, same), it’s where we get to nourish our bodies and make memories with people we love. So of course, the vibes need to be immaculate.

Based on what we know about color psychology—red is associated with passion and emotion, yellow and orange are believed to make you hungry, white signifies purity and cleanliness, etc.—your kitchen color scheme will totally impact the overall feel of the space. And while finding the perfect hue is super important, it’s definitely not the most enjoyable task in the world…I mean, there are like 42 different shades of every color in the freaking rainbow. To make things easier for you, I’ve scoured the internet for the crème de la crème of kitchen colors.

Whether your ideal aesthetic is warm and cozy, sleek and chic, or bold and unexpected, our list of the nine best colors for your kitchen has plenty of options. Keep reading for inspo pics, paint swatches, and matching kitchen decor that’ll get your interior design juices flowing.

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Mint Green

mint green

Glidden Premium

Just like the food you’ll (hopefully) be cooking, this kitchen color is sweet and satisfying. Want to ~flex~ your interior design skills? Pair mint green walls or cabinets with a black and white checkered floor. Trust me—it’s all over Pinterest, and it makes quite a statement.

London Fog

a general interior view of a shaker style kitchen with grey fitted cabinets, units within a home

John Keeble

If you’re sick of the contemporary industrial kitchen trend (no offense to our girl Kim K), try this warm shade instead of a sleek, cool-toned grey. It’s much more inviting and looks great with wood floors.


japandi modern scandinavian style apartment interior

Nongnuch Pitakkorn

Wait! Before you roll your eyes at me for including anotherrrrr neutral color, lemme explain. Cream is cozy and classic (and not to be confused with boring). And when styled with the right monochrome accessories, it’s surprisingly cool.

Forest Green

modern dark deep green kitchen interior, wall mock up, 3d render


Forest green: The much sexier version of regular green. This dark hue really complements farmhouse and rustic-style kitchens, but if you add a few textural elements—like a velvet bar stool—it can totally work in a modern space as well.

Blush Pink

home kitchen sink, stove, work surface, hob, oven, plate drying rack kitchen with sink and shelves for storing dishes, mirror and pink mug domestic life



Retro and playful, this soft tone will lighten the mood when you’re cheffin’ it up in the kitchen. And if you settle on blush pink, you can go crazy with utensils, tools, and gadgets because so many retailers carry adorable kitchen accessories in this colorway. I mean, did you see the to-die-for Kitchen Aid, above?!

Sunny Yellow

modern kitchen interior with furniturestylish kitchen interior with yellow wall3d rendering

Vanit Janthra

So you like the retro vibe of blush pink but you want something a little more saturated? A bright yellow color scheme might be the way to go! Make a statement with sunny walls, or go subtle by adding pops of yellow to an otherwise neutral space.


modern red kitchen with sink,gas stove interior 3d photo of tree behind the window is my own work, all rights belong to me


Burgundy is the muted, more mature version of a classic red. It’s elegant, luxurious, and works well in a French Country style kitchen. More importantly, it’ll match your fave red wines!


teal kitchen

Mercury Mosaics

If you’re a lucky b*tch with marble countertops or stainless steel appliances, this out-of-the-box option is what your kitchen has been craving. The bold color will add tons of depth to your space.

Black & White

interior design of black and white kitchen


I probably don’t have to convince you that a black and white combo is super chic, but let me tell you why it’s even more magical in a kitchen setting: The contrasting colors are energetic and inspiring. Plus, this color scheme will literally never go out of style… There’s a reason it’s a classic.

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