23 Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Perfectly Pretty Space

Skip table lamps and opt for wall sconces which save space and always feel more impressive than other light fixtures. The sconces in this Amsterdam primary bedroom by designer Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren allowed for smaller nightstands that take up less space in the room. If a big ol’ chandelier doesn’t fall into your bedroom makeover plans, for reasons of space or otherwise, sconces will add a similar, sophisticated appeal to your bedroom. Sconces can be a great choice if you add a reading nook to your space too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate my bedroom?

Bedroom decor ideas depend largely on how you will use your room. Do you have roommates who hog the common areas, leading you to spend most of your time in your bedroom, asleep or not? Or do you spend a lot of time elsewhere in your home and hope for your bedroom to be a nighttime only oasis? Your answer could dramatically change the best way to go about decorating your bedroom, but in either case, you should start with a bed, bedside tables, and some kind of clothing storage. From there, pick a color palette that speaks to the mood you’re trying to create and pick your decor objects, artwork, and textiles based on it.

How do you style an awkward bedroom?

With an awkward shaped bedroom, the best thing you can do is reconsider what pieces are most important to you. Maybe you don’t need two nightstands if having both makes it harder to layout the room. Maybe you can use under the bed storage rather than a clothing rack if there’s no room for the clothing rack. Consider elements that can distract from the awkward layout without taking up extra space. Unexpected paint colors, wall coverings, window treatments, or a fun pendant light are all finishing touches that can make a big impact on the overall impression of the space.

How do you decorate a bedroom on a tight budget?

On a tight budget, secondhand shopping is your best friend for a space that still feels expressive and personal. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start, and it can save you money on shipping on top of finding deals on items themselves. For wall decoration, try using personal photos instead of spending money on artwork. Also, don’t be afraid to take the decorating process slow, buying items piece by piece as you’re able to afford them, or try out DIY projects when they could save you money.

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