15 Small Bathroom Ideas To Maximise Your Space

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Free up floor space

a small bathroom with sloped ceiling, walk in shower with green tiles, neutral walls and terrazzo flooring
Brent Darby / House Beautiful

Wall-mounted basins and storage are a smart solution for small bathrooms, as they maximise floor space and make the room feel larger.

Concealed storage, such as drawers or cupboards, is also useful for keeping clutter out of sight.


Maximise storage

a small bathroom with green tiled shower and a recessed toilet with nook shelving above
Colin Poole / House Beautiful

Make the most of every possible inch of storage space in a small bathroom with nook shelving to keep surfaces as clear as possible.


Utilise mirrors

a round mirror above green and white tiles in a small bathroom painted pale pink
Chris Snooks / House Beautiful

Pick the largest mirror you can fit to make a small bathroom feel bigger. Positioning lighting near a mirror will also help bounce light around and make your bathroom seem more spacious.

Pictured: Alalpardo porcelain tiles at Bert & May

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Tile a walk-in shower

a small bathroom with checkerboard floor tiles, orange wall tiles and a walk in shower
Brent Darby / House Beautiful

Walk-in showers can minimise visual disruption and make a small bathroom feel larger and lighter, as seen here, with consistent flooring and a glass screen.


Use cohesive colours

a small bathroom painted white with a wall mounted sink, green and white tiles and a round green mirror
House Beautiful/Rachel Whiting

Stick to a limited palette to avoid overwhelming a small bathroom. This scheme uses bright white and botanical green for a fresh feel.


Match floors and walls

a walk in shower with glass screen in a small bathroom with walls and flooring in large format marble tiles
Porcelain Superstore

Wrapping the same material around a wall and floor removes harsh angles and tricks the eye into making a space feel bigger. A large format tile has fewer visual interruptions to maximise this effect.

Pictured: Rouge tile at Porcelain Superstore

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Let the light in

a small bathroom painted white with sheer white curtains and a black and white freestanding bath tub
House Beautiful/Mark Scott

Sheer window treatments are the best way to keep light pouring into a small bathroom while maintaining privacy.


Be brave with pattern

a small bathroom with floral tiles on one wall, plain green tiles on the other wall and a small white sink
Original Style

There’s no need to shy away from pattern in petite spaces. If anything, small bathrooms are the ideal space to experiment with bolder designs: less wall space equals less of a financial investment, and the look will be less overwhelming than on a huge wall – just avoid very large-scale motifs.

Pictured: English garden floral tiles at Original Style


Consider accessories

a small bathroom with checkerboard bath mat and distressed metal bath tub
Oliver Bonas

Colourful accessories like towels and bathmats will add instant character to a small bathroom, especially if you’ve opted for a pale neutral scheme that can risk feeling bland or sterile.

Pictured: Check bathmat at Oliver Bonas

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Pick smart units

a small white bathroom with wall mounted green vanity unit and lit mirror
Britton Bathrooms

To maximise a small bathroom and keep it clutter-free, combine concealed storage for unsightly cleaning products or pipework with open storage, where you can group more beautiful products, candles and jars.

Pictured: Hackney furniture unit and basin at Britton Bathrooms


Make a statement

an emerald green bathroom with matching small bath tub and geometric patterned tiles
BC Designs

This gorgeous freestanding tub was especially created by BC Designs with small bathrooms in mind. It has a compact 1.36m footprint and can be custom-painted – we’d recommend a bold shade to create a focal point, which distracts the eye to make a small space feel larger.

Pictured: Penny bath by BC Designs


Lay tiles vertically

a small bathroom with pale pink metro tiles, a curved mirror and sink
Porcelain Superstore

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Go bold

a small bathroom with colourful tiles and a pastel pink basin

It’s a common misconception that small spaces should be kept pale and neutral: a bold geometric pattern, like this pastel tile motif, can distract the eye and add depth to a scheme.

Pictured: Beck cloakroom basin at Crosswater


Think outside the box

a small bathroom with sloping ceiling and irregular geometric tiles in a walk in shower
Brent Darby

While there is a time and a place for clean lines and symmetry, embracing more irregular shapes in your small bathroom can help to zone the space without cutting it off visually.


Join the dark side

a small bathroom with dark grey painted panelling and a white burlington cloakroom sink
Burlington Bathrooms

There’s no need to shy away from dark colours in a small bathroom: they can actually make a room seem bigger and more open by making the walls recede.

Dark grey works well in both contemporary and more traditional schemes, like this panelled cloakroom.

Pictured: Riviera cloakroom basin at Burlington Bathrooms


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