15 Ideas To Transform Your Guest Bathroom Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel

If you’re going to be hosting visitors for the holidays, now’s the time to start sprucing up your guest bedroom and bath—making the bed with fresh sheets, washing the bath towels, and just dressing up the space a little to ensure your guests feel like it’s their home away from home. In addition to the basics, you might even want to take a few extra steps to ensure your guest bathroom feels luxurious and homey for your loved ones. 

Even if you don’t have a large budget, there are a lot of small touches that can make any washroom feel like it belongs in a five-star hotel. Affordable upgrades like swapping in new hand towels or switching to a reusable soap dispenser instantly make your guest bathroom feel more luxe. And if your visitors will be staying for a few days, you might want to offer them a fancy bar of hand soap or individual-sized shampoo. These little details go a long way toward making guests feel welcome in your home.  

No matter how much you’re looking to spend, the following are a variety of products that will make your regular guest bathroom feel like a luxury retreat and are sure to earn compliments from your guests. 

A Pair of Super Soft Hand Towels

If the hand towels in your guest bathrooms are ratty or stained, it’s time to replace them with a fresh set. The Brooklinen Super-Plush Hand Towels come in a pair of two, and as their name suggests, they have a delightfully soft, high-pile construction that absorbs water in a flash. They’re extra thick for a spa-like feel, and they come in a variety of colors to match your bathroom decor. 

A Set Of Stylish Bathroom Accessories

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Swapping out your disposable plastic soap pump for a sleek marble dispenser will instantly elevate any vanity. This stunning soap holder has a matte black top and can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite liquid hand soap, and there are a variety of other matching pieces you can buy, as well. All you have to do is pair it with a soap dish, countertop tray, toothbrush holder, tissue box, and more to create a high-end cohesive look. 

A Bar Of Fancy Soap

Who doesn’t love unwrapping a brand new bar of soap in a luxury hotel? You can give your guests the same experience with this Fresh Soap Bar, which comes packaged in a beautiful paper wrapping. The 8.8-ounce bar has the brand’s Hesperides scent, which features a bouquet of citrus notes, including lemon, orange, grapefruit and bergamot.

A Plush Bath Mat To Sink Their Toes Into

Unless you have heated floors, chances are your bathroom tiles get a little chilly during the winter, which is why a plush bath mat is a must-have. This stylish mat has an elegant floral shape and comes in four different colors, and it’s made from a thick cotton material that will protect your guests’ toes from the cold floor while soaking up any excess moisture.

Fun Wallpaper For A Modern Appearance

Is your guest bathroom feeling a little “blah”? You can give it a fresh new look with the help of moisture-resistant wallpaper like this one from Graham & Brown. The delicate black-and-white print features a floral motif with butterflies and dragonflies, and its slightly textured appearance helps to cover up minor wall imperfections. Once installed, it can even be washed with soapy water, so you never have to worry about it getting dingy.

A Luxurious Candle

A nice candle is essential for any bathroom, and reviewers absolutely love the iconic scent of Capri Blue’s Volcano candles. It has a light, fresh fragrance with notes of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and lime, and this mid-size candle comes in a sleek matte black glass vessel with a matching lid. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some matches or a lighter for your guests alongside it.

A Bluetooth Speaker For Soothing Music

Picture this: Your guests arrive after a long day of traveling, cold and sore from sitting on a plane, and you send them up to their room to shower and change. When they get there, they’re greeted by cheery Christmas tunes wafting out from this Bluetooth speaker and they get ready to soak in an indulgent bath. How’s that for a warm welcome? It’s also great for dinner guests who want to go about their business without anyone listening in. The Sonos One SL speaker is humidity-resistant, so you can safely put it in the bathroom, and your guests will be able to control it using touch buttons or their phone.

A Sleek Towel Warmer For Cold Days

While not a necessary item for the bathroom, you can’t deny that a towel warmer screams luxury. This bucket-style warmer can accommodate two towels at a time—or a robe or throw blanket—and it has a slim profile that’s easy to tuck into the corner of your guest bath. Plus, once your visitors head home, you can simply move it into your own bathroom to enjoy year-round.

A Fancy Jar Of Bubble Bath

Even if your guests don’t take a bath, they’re sure to appreciate this luxe jar of bubble bath mix—the bottle itself is practically a piece of decor. The distinctive glass jar includes an intricate floral wrap, beaded tassel and signature cork, and the bubble bath mixture has a lovely fragrance with notes of linden, white tea, bergamot and honeysuckle. 

A Strip Of LED Lights Underneath The Vanity

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Dimmable LED Light Strip Plus Smart Light Starter Kit

Under-cabinet lighting is common in hotels, as it illuminates the space without disturbing you at night, and you can add this elegant touch to your own bathrooms with this starter kit from Philips Hue. It comes with an 80-inch white and color light strip, as well as a Smart Bridge, power adapter, and even a connector box for reattaching cut pieces. You can set the lights to any color you want via smartphone, and you can even put them on a schedule or let your guests control them with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

A Jar Of Sustainable Toothpaste Tablets

Good Organics Fluoride Free Mint Natural Toothpaste Tablets

Your guests likely brought their own toothpaste, but in case they forgot to pack it, why not have a cute jar of Good Organics Toothpaste tablets waiting in their bathroom? These sustainable chewable toothpaste tablets come in a simple glass jar, and have a refreshing peppermint kick. It’s also great for dinner party guests who want to get rid of that garlicky aftertaste.

A Cozy Robe To Wrap Up In

Who doesn’t enjoy wrapping up in a plush, warm robe after stepping out of the shower? You can treat guests to a truly spa-like bathing experience with this delightful cotton robe from Parachute—it’s made from super soft Turkish cotton and comes in five serene colors. The robe has two pockets, a waist tie, and a cozy shawl collar, and it’s ideal for staying warm in the winter. 

Mini Shower Products For Each Visitor

It’s always a good idea to have extra toiletries on hand in case one of your visitors forgets their shampoo or body wash, and these Plastic-Free Travel Sets are ideal for this purpose. The Shower Bundle includes a mini shampoo, conditioner and body wash, all of which are vegan, cruelty free and ethically made. Best of all, the bundle of three little bars doesn’t use any single-use plastic, making it a more sustainable choice than traditional travel-size bottles.

An Elegant Shower Curtain

Swap out your old vinyl shower curtain for this beautiful Belgian linen one instead. Not only will it look elegant hanging in your bathroom, but it’s incredibly durable and machine-washable, too. The product is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s verified as safe from hundreds of harmful substances, and it will give your bathroom an upscale, yet relaxing vibe. 

A Sleek Bidet That Attaches To Your Toilet

The ultimate guest bathroom upgrade? A bidet! The Tushy Spa 3.0 is designed to be installed onto your existing toilet, and it allows your guests to select from warm or cool water, as well as control the pressure and angle of the stream. It’s easy to install on most standard toilets, and it even has a self-cleaning nozzle that rinses before and after every use. 

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