13 Kitchen Decor Trends That Give Food Artists The Ick

Honorable mention icks include decorative towels, pastels, patterned backsplashes, memefied art, and absolutely no contact paper on the counter, please.

Here are nine green flags for designing your kitchen:

“Something I love that I want really bad that, I don’t know why I haven’t bit the bullet and bought it, is one of those metal knife holders they just put on the wall. I think those look cool because they show off your knife collection and they’re also practical.” —Aimee

“Oh, I like a really big, deep sink. I like a sink that is great to do dishes in.” —Jen

“The little lazy Susans on the counter, I’m like, ‘This is the smartest thing on planet Earth.’ Swivel it around, you have your most-used things accessible… People having little lazy Susans either next to the stovetop or whatever, it’s like your starter pack.” —Julie

“I think in some ways, vintage has to be a green light just because it’s really important to reuse things and to keep things around instead of making new things. That idea of reusing, mending, fixing, repurposing, that’s really cool to me.” —Edward

“I love this return to the cottage. I feel like everything’s kind of paired down and simple. People are obtaining more vintage tools or more crafted local artisan tools. I love seeing that, the kitchen feels usable and exciting and romantic in a way. I love a romantic kitchen, where you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, there’s so many things. I’m inspired, I want to make things.’” —Tara

“Pops of color in your cookware in a mild kitchen, that’s gorgeous. The tools get to be your pops of color. You’re very utilitarian. You’re using them and they also get to be your decor. Love that.” —Julie

“Colored cabinetries are so fun and just make [the kitchen] feel happier. Reform is great for this. I feel like when you’re in the kitchen, it’s the center of the home and it’s where people gather, so why not reemphasize the liveliness?” —Woldy

“Make the space your own. It’s no different than clothes. It’s no different than music that you listen to. It’s an extension of yourself, and I think it’s really fun to be able to have people fully immersed in it in that way and to take care of them, feed them.” —Samantha

“If there’s one lesson about designing a kitchen, it’s that it is hard to be a great cook, but it’s easy to be a great host. There are simple things you can do to set up your space to make it really easy to host and be in a warm, inviting space for people to spend time in. That’s mostly how I prioritize my design.” —Jonah

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