11 Bathroom Tile Trends to Try in 2024, From Black Marble to Mosaic

When designing and decorating your home, you most likely have the big rooms accounted for: kitchen, living room, dining room. But, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels when it comes to making your bathroom stand out. One way to do so is to swap plain painted walls and ceilings for statement-making tile.

Tile does have the potential to make a bathroom feel cold, but the following bathroom tile trends are anything but sterile and go far beyond just tiling your shower. “Don’t be afraid to apply tile other than the floor and the shower,” says Gabrielle Santiago, interior designer and owner of Gabrielle Santiago Design. “Tile the entire bathroom! Tiled walls aid in a completion of look. It helps amplify the entire bathroom rather than making your shower the focal point. This allows your entire bathroom to become part of the design. It will feel more connected and a part of the same story.”

We spoke to interior designers to learn about their favorite bathroom tile trends and what’s on the horizon for 2024.

Half Walls with Chair Rails

Floor and Decor

Chair rails are making a comeback, specifically in the bathroom. “Wrapping an entire bathroom in tile with trim at or above vanity height is a stylish way to add architectural detail,” says Ashley Biscan, interior design and trend expert with Floor & Decor. “Tiled half walls with chair rails give a bathroom more character and opportunity for playful elements like complementary paint and wallpaper. Add statement-worthy sconces for a premium powder room or bathroom suite.”

Tiled Barrel Ceiling

sihuo0860371 / Getty Images

For a truly unique look in your bathroom, opt for a barreled shower ceiling or bath alcove, then tile it. “Showers are taking shape with tiled barrel ceilings,” says Biscan. “The arched look adds an element of luxury to the everyday.”

Of course, if a curved ceiling isn’t in your renovation budget this time, tiling a flat ceiling works just as well. “Whether rounded or flat, tiled ceilings are unexpected yet well-received,” says Biscan. “Mosaic tile is the best way to fit the curvature of an arched ceiling.”

Creative Shapes

Christopher Lee / Design by Gabrielle Santiago

Rectangular tile shapes are pretty standard, but more consumers are starting to think outside the box when it comes to shapes. “We’re seeing people step away from the classic rectangle and squares and take more of a risk when it comes to shapes,” says Santiago. “Hexagon and mosaics are finding their way back into our feeds!”

Pattern Play in Classic Tile Silhouettes

Tile of Spain_Equipe Ceramicas

Subway tile was everywhere for a while and can seem outdated these days, but what if you took that subway tile and did something unexpected with it instead? “Experimenting with classic silhouettes is the perfect solution for someone who wants to engage in trends without assuming the risk factor of potentially going out of style,” says Santiago. “Zellige, subway tile, and penny rounds are the perfect silhouettes to do this with. You can create stripes, checkered patterns, and chevrons—the sky is really the limit.”

Black Marble and Deep Veins

Floor and Decor

White marble is classic, but black marble makes a bold statement if that’s the look you’re craving. “Marble will always be a favorite, but it’s become moodier,” says Biscan. “Black marble and deep veins make such a statement. Install marble in a checkerboard pattern for even more pop.”

Statement Backsplashes

Sean Litchfield

Bathroom backsplashes are commonly made from marble or quartz, but nothing is stopping homeowners from using tile instead. “This year we’ve seen a lot of people getting creative with their backsplashes,” Santiago says. “This is the perfect way to add some dimension to a predictable yet functional concept. We’ve seen a ton of curved and cut-out shapes happening out of marble and quartz but I think it would be fun to up the game by creating this concept out of tile.”

Natural Stone Tiling

ArchiViz / Getty Images

Every designer we spoke with mentioned that natural elements and colors are making their way back into bathroom design to offset years of a more white, sterile look. “Natural stone and stone looks are understated yet luxe and add a textural element to warm up cold spaces organically,” says Biscan. “Travertine and limestone naturally fit the popular warm neutral palette, leaning into more sandy tones rather than grays. ”

It’s all about adding warmth. “We still love using natural materials like marble but are moving away from the cold grey colors to warmth,” says Amy Peltier, interior designer and owner of Peltier Interior Design & Home.

Floor-to-Ceiling Large Tiling


Add a dramatic flair to your bathroom with large, floor-to-ceiling tile work. “Some statements are quieter but still speak volumes. I love floor-to-ceiling large format tile in a bathroom because it’s polished yet practical,” says Biscan. “The seamless look takes great form but also has function with fewer grout lines. It’s easier to keep sparkling. Your guests will notice … trust me.”

Mosaic Tiling and Metallic Accents

jujuenter / Getty Images

Mosaics and metallics add such a luxurious feel to any space, and the bathroom should absolutely be included in that luxe upgrade. Peltier has been seeing small mosaic tile patterns that evoke a vintage feel as an up-and-coming bathroom tile trend, while Biscan notes that mosaics with brass are becoming popular. “Mosaics with brass and metallic accents are revamped with a fresh take on neo-classical style—it’s that luxury hotel feeling with a bit of boutique spunk,” says Biscan.

Small Scale Patterns

Bethany Nauert

On the other end of the size spectrum, sometimes all you need is just a small touch of tile to make a space feel unique. “I cannot get enough of small-scale patterns,” says Peltier. “They have that casual comfortable vibe adding just the right touch of sweetness to an otherwise cold-feeling room.”

Grout Play

Jungalow / Justina Blakeney

Many people might think the way tile is grouted is an afterthought, but interesting grout work is becoming more prevalent in overall tile design lately. “Thicker grout lines add a huge punch to basic silhouettes and evoke a cool and cultivated feeling,” Santiago says. “Thinner grout lines aid in a modern and clean look. Grout really has the potential to dictate your ’tile style,’ and we’re seeing people take grout into consideration as a major part of their design decision.”

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